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Every business has a story to tell… here is ours!

Ervis Zeneli, owner and President of Monarchy Construction, was raised to pursue opportunity with passion and integrity. As the youngest of four siblings, he was privileged to have a strong support system, cultivating and enriching his values of respect, dedication and hard work. He believes in the philosophy that all good things come with hard work, perseverance and respect for those who have helped along the way. And thus the story begins…

With an innate inquisitive personality, Ervis found enjoyment in deconstructing his toys and studying their intricate parts before putting them back together. It was the pieces of the puzzle and how they fit together to create a robust product, which intrigued him. With a natural aptitude for building and construction, he went on to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Design at the University of Milan. His extensive educational background has provided him opportunities to be involved in a myriad of projects throughout Europe, spanning England to Albania. With a passion for life-long learning, he later pursued a student opportunity at one of Canada’s largest construction companies. His dedication, perseverance and passion helped him overcome the challenges of new learning and a new language. Within months of hard work and long hours, he gained respect from his superiors and quickly excelled from a student role to one in project management. It was at this point in his career did he realize Canada’s vast opportunity for structural design and infrastructure development and was proud to make Canada his home.

Committed to excelling in his role, Ervis worked with a variety of construction companies and trades. He led construction teams and renovation projects throughout the country, including the CN Tower renovation project. After years of experience, Ervis sought out to fulfill his entrepreneurial passion and formed Monarchy Construction.

Proud of his humble beginnings, Monarchy Construction was developed through old-fashioned hard work, commitment to long-term relationships and quality service where no project is too big or too small. As both an architectural designer and civil engineer with extensive experience in infrastructure construction and renovation, Monarchy Construction offers unique, knowledgeable and practical services. Ervis and his team look forward to exceeding client expectations, providing professional and comprehensive services, using technology and experienced trades to fulfill our client’s needs, making their experience with Monarchy, memorable. 




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